Thursday, May 10, 2012

An interview with my uncle:

For this blog, I chose to interview my uncle. I asked him questions about his experience with his dog. I wanted to know how his experience has been with raising the dog since he was a puppy.

Me: What kind of dog do you have and how old is he?

Uncle: I have a Miniature Pincher/Beagle named Sampson. He’s about three years old.

Me: How did you get him? Was it one of those cases where he was sitting on your doorstep?

Uncle: Actually, I got him from a friend in South Carolina. I wanted a dog just like my friend had. He told me that there was one just like it at the shelter. I was there picking little Sampson up the next day.

Me: That’s so cute! Were there any difficulties you faced while he was a puppy?

Uncle: Actually, yes. I had to train him not to use the bathroom in the house. I walked him on a chain outside periodically. Eventually, he started coming to me and wagging his tail when he needed to go out. He actually wasn’t a hard dog to train. He listens very well.

Me: Is there anything unusual about Sampson? Does he ever bite or growl?

Uncle: He loves to play. He will chase anyone round the house. He’s always happy. He loves girls. He’s not so crazy about guys though. I’m not sure why. He’s real cautious around men. He’s never bit anyone. He has attacked another dog before. I don’t let him around any dogs anymore. Other than that, he’s a good dog.

Me: I’m happy you found a good dog. Is there anything you would change about Sampson?

Uncle: Not at all. He’s the best dog anyone could ever ask for.

Me: That’s good. Thank you for the time you’ve put into this. I really appreciate it.

Uncle: Any time!

I found some good training techniques with this interview. I’m excited to get a puppy of my own one day. I think all that training would be time consuming, yet worth it. 


  1. This is an awesome post. I love the music! It totally made reading your interview even better. Sampson sounds like a sweetheart(:

  2. That's a great interview. It's great to see how people genuinely love and care for their pets. Also it gave some neat training tips.